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Today's business climate is more competitive and saturated than ever- and more so with the healthcare profession.  Where "hanging out a shingle" and being associated with a local hospital carries little assurances for referrals, medical professionals are now driven to pursue more innovative and entrepreneurial ways to win the public's attention. 

1) NETWORKING FOR REFERRALS: Maintain a consistent stream of relationship building with fellow physicians by joining professional groups, meetings, fundraisers and general gatherings.  Web-based networking communities (like LinkedIn) and social media also provide a huge platform for exposure and advanced connections.

2) FACE-TIME PUBLIC APPEARANCES: Get out of your office and take center stage in health fairs, seminars, speaking engagements and charity events.  Set up educational platforms to promote your expertise while earning the opportunity to meet and greet future patients.  

2A) GIVING PLATFORMS: Another opportunity to connect with the public is by participating in community gatherings that involve public good, you are positioning yourself as a caring, approachable member of their daily lives-  and not just another service provider.

3) BLOG: To create your own e-magazine or blogsite shows your expertise through educational marketing.  Share your findings, theories and ideas under the noble stage of  journalistic integrity (from the free press philosophy) while "showing off" your passion for the subject to those who seek advanced information.  This translates into public recognition and reputation bolstering.

4) IMPROVE PATIENT COMMUNICATION: To prevent loss of patients is to reinforce patient connectivity with better communications. Start with email and phone appointment confirmations.  Also, have your staff contact the patient for brief surveys to get feedback.  The phone is an even better connector to follow up on a patient to see how they are feeling.  These tips go a long way in maintaining loyalty, dedication and conveying genuine care.

5) VIDEO: Your 'business' is fundamentally promoted through face-to-face connectivity to win public trust. Enacting this has become that much simpler with today's YouTube technology where you can send a video message to all your patients at a single push of a button.  Moreover, there are endless possibilities for video messaging including testimonials, infomercials, educational topics, vlogs (video blogs), tips and advice, event coverage, product reviews etc.

6) TECHNOLOGY: Use today's tools to help facilitate your administrative services efficiently.  Upgrade your website to have forms ready and downloadable at home in order to eliminate wait time in the office.  You can also use your website by having a private portal to access their print-ready records, set up an appointment online or set up reminders.

7) DIGITAL REFERRAL & THE SHARE BUTTON: Web is famous for viral marketing and medical professionals should take advantage of this feature.  To "share" is a popular function of any social media site and can easily be installed in your website to prompt your patients to forward it to their friends and relatives.  By fleshing out your website to include your accolades, your expertise and possible news features gives you more elements for your patients to show off and share with others.  This is a digital way of passing your card for referrals.

8) GREETING CARDS: It is always a pleasant surprise to hear from your dentist or doctor for something other than an appointment.  Holiday cards are prevalent but Birthday cards are few and special.  Thank you cards are also well received- especially the hand written kind!
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